• Wide selection of ferrous metals
  • Production cutting by lane machines and gas burners
  • Workpieces produced by CNC according to customers drawings
  • Cutting, bending and clipping services
  • Delivery to customers address

METALON, UAB – ferrous metals wholesaler. The company’s activity is focused on the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Professional company’s employees have many years of experience in marketing, production and logistics, which allows to offer our customers excellent service and quality for a reasonable price. All products conforms the European Union standards and are supplied with a confirming quality certificates.

Gratitude to close cooperation and a long-term steady relationships with European Union metal factories METALON, UAB is able to offer a wide range of metal products.

Our customers knows that the metals market is rapidly changing market with frequently fluctuating prices. METALON, UAB choice of business model allows flexibly respond to the changing situation on the market and offer our customers the conditions which corresponds to the current economic situation in the world and Europe.

We look forward for the close cooperation with metal manufacturing, construction and manufacture companies.